About Us

Advanced Sports GmbH, based in Mutlangen (approx. 60 km east of Stuttgart) is the European distributor for the bicycle brands Fuji, Breezer and SE Bikes. We have customers in more than 30 countries. Advanced Sports (formerly TwinSport) started selling the Fuji brand in Germany back in 1998. Over the years we have grown, expanded our sales network and taken over the sales of other brands.

With our brands we are broadly positioned and can offer our retail partners a wide range of bicycles.

Fuji is one of the oldest and still existing bicycle brands of the world. The brand was founded back in 1899 and named after Japan’s highest peak. With several world champion titles and Olympic medallists, Fuji has successful history in cycling.

The range Fuji is offering is wide: high end carbon road bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes, urban bikes, kids bikes,… – a bike to every taste and use.

When Joe Breeze hand-built the first modern mountain bike in 1977, Breezer became the world’s first mountain bike brand. In the early 2000s the Breezer brand was re-focused with the “Transportation for a Healthy Planet”, a campaign dedicated to getting people out of cars and onto bikes and offer a range of bicycles for the daily use.

At present Breezer offers a wide range of electric, city and adventure bikes.

In 1977, Scot Breithaupt founded his very first BMX company “Scot Enterprises”, and soon after, SE Racing was born. With the help of team rider Perry Kramer the “PK Ripper” was designed  – with over 40 years of production, the PK Ripper is not only the longest running bike in the sport, but is also the most legendary BMX bike of all time.

SE Bikes stands for the motto “BMX Innovations”. The brands has created many new styles of BMX bikes in unique wheel sizes never seen before. BMX is re-invented over and over again and SE never stops innovating.


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